Oshadhi Hydrolate Orange Flower Neroli 橙花花水

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Oshadhi Hydrolate Orange Flower Neroli

Botanical name: Citrus aurantium aur.

100% pure hydrolate
From controlled organic cultivation
EC organic certified
Without adding alcohol
Origin: Tunisia

Orange blossom water (orange blossom hydrolate) is a by-product of the distillation of buds from the orange blossom - it is the condensed water of the distilled flowers. It is bottled and left to stand for four to five months.

Similar to lavender water or rose water, it is also used to flavor sweets and pastries, creams, glazes and cocktails.

Tip: Try the orange blossom hydrolate as a deodorant.

Facial Toner: Mature skin will love this hydrolate.

植物学名称:Citrus aurantium aur.


来自受控有机耕种 EC有机认证



达到食用级别与薰衣草花水或玫瑰花水类似,也可用于调味, 例如烘焙糕点和调鸡尾酒使用。