Masmi Tampons Classic - 100% cotton

Masmi Tampons Classic - 100% cotton

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for everyday use - for light menstrual bleeding

even on hot days comfortable to wear - Breathable.
prevents unpleasant odors - free from plastics and plastic.
prevents skin irritation, irritation and itching - clinically tested.
also for Hypo allergenic alternative.

pH - neutral
chlorine free
dioxin free
pesticide free
herbicide free
rayon free
cellulose free
without plastics
no animal testing
seperatly packaged

cotton does not contain residues of pesticides and herbicides
Made from hypoallergenic cotton, which helps prevent the risk of irritation, itching, allergies and infections

Free of perfumes, viscose, Supersaugmitteln and cellulose material

The products are under optimum conditions to more than 95%