Collagen + royal jelly cream 胶原蛋白+蜂王浆 面霜

Collagen + royal jelly cream 胶原蛋白+蜂王浆 面霜

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Anti Aging Cream Intensive Collagen + Royal Jelly

Innovative Care for very high demands. With collagen from the depths of the ocean (Qollagen). The use of collagen improves skin smoothness and gives the skin a pleasant feeling. The wafer-thin collagen film places in existing skin wrinkles and raises it by swelling of the upper skin layer.

This causes the following positive effects:
- Protects the skin from drying out
- Helps the pore depth to reduce
- Helps skin recovery from stress
- Slows down the aging process of the skin
- Smoothes existing wrinkles
- Counteracts the wrinkle formation

抗衰老密集霜 胶原蛋白+蜂王浆

针对特别高要求的创新护理。 来自海洋深处的胶原蛋白(Qollagen)。 胶原蛋白的使用可改善皮肤光滑度,使皮肤感觉愉悦。 超薄胶原蛋白膜沉淀在现有的皮肤皱纹中,并通过使上皮层膨胀来提升它们。

- 保护皮肤免于干燥
- 有助于减少皱纹深度
- 帮助肌肤恢复活力
- 减缓皮肤老化过程
- 抚平现有的皱纹
- 抵消皱纹的形成