The company German-Moli is a young active company,

which was founded in 2015 in Thuringia in Germany, and also has its headquarters here.

The surnames are the family names of the company founders, Mr. Monzer and his wife Li.

In addition, there is one more meaning for the word Moli 魔力 in the Chinese language,

- the fascination - or simply fascinating.

With this fascinating thought we want in our shop,

good German or European and also Chinese quality products

- connect with the outstanding customer service on the Chinese model.

For this reason, the team of German Moli wants his customers worldwide,

delivering high quality, stylish and fashionable products from Germany, Europe and China with good quality to those home.

So that young families around the world can enjoy an even more comfortable life.

We thank you for your trust in our company - Ronald Monzer & Rui Li